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Spring into our first digest of the year by looking back and looking ahead. This post from Michigan State University Extension program provides a good summary of a few key urban ag resources released last year. Looking ahead, there is a lot to be excited about, according to the SVP Partner's THRIVE 50 list. These are companies shaping the future of agriculture. It also might be worth keeping a closer eye on these 8 startups accepted into the latest Food-X accelerator cohort.

Robots, Automation and Beyond

Plant biologists welcome their robot overlords - Nature

In pursuit of the "quantified plant", researchers are getting tech upgrades that herald more detailed, faster data collection. 

Should We Bet the Farm on Ag Robots? - TakePart

Many corporations and growers in developed nations are convinced that technology will solve agriculture's woes.

Prototype of Space Station's Advanced Plant Habitat - NASA

A high fidelity test version of NASA’s Advanced Plant Habitat (APH), the largest plant chamber built for the agency, arrived at Kennedy Space Center. The APH unit, containing small flowering plant seeds, will be delivered to the International Space Station in 2017.

These Futurists And Urban Farmers Are Figuring Out How To Farm On Mars - Fast Co.

The Mars Farm Odyssey group is thinking of non-NASA-approved solutions for making sure our colonists on the red planet have food and beer.

Plant Science Research

How turning off a plant's sunshield can grow bigger crops - Science

Research reveals how enabling quicker response to photosynthesis through alteration of a "sun shade" gene in plants can lead to increase in overall plant biomass.

These Foods Aren’t Genetically Modified but They Are ‘Edited’ - The New York Times

Gene editing, which does not add genes from other organisms into plants, is done with new tools that snip and tweak DNA at precise locations.

Clean Meat’s Path to Commercialization - The Good Food Institute

How far away is the mass production of meat without conventional farming, and what will it take to get there?

Upcoming Events

CalCAN Summit 2017 - Davis, CA

February 28th through March 1st, 2017 presented by California Climate & Agriculture Network

Good Food Festival - Chicago, IL

Three day conference and fair taking place March 16 - 18

The Seedstock 'Future of Food - Community Food Systems Field Trip - Los Angeles, CA

Held on Friday, March 17, 2017 at Lavender Hill Urban Farm

Future Food-Tech - San Francisco, CA

Annual conference taking place on March 29- 30 with many speakers from CPG industry.

Local Foods Impact Conference - Washington D.C.

Hosted by USDA and George Washington University on Monday, April 3 - 4.

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