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Read up on food waste on farms to get excited for our November meetup with the CMO from Imperfect Produce. For those of you on the east coast, check out Square Roots' (pictured above) upcoming indoor vertical farm meetup at their new campus.

News & Reports

Making Sense of AgTech Trends

Western Growers | 1 hr view - An in-depth industry analysis of agtech from Salinas-based organizing, Mixing Bowl and Better Food Ventures.

Assessing Farm Sustainability To Reflect The True Cost of Food

Sustainable Food Trust  | 10 min read - Quantifying the social and environmental impacts of sustainable farming compared to the economic value. This intriguing study takes a look at a convention corn/soybean system, organic dairy production system (Straus Family Creamery), Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm and organic rice farms in California.


Berkeley Food Institute Video Recordings

Videos from Berkeley Food Institute lectures and events from 2014 to present day.

Food System Curriculum from FoodSpan

A free, downloadable high school curriculum from John Hopkins University that highlights critical issues in the food system and empowers students to be food citizens.

Upcoming Events & Opportunities

Growing Resiliency: Climate and Emergency Preparedness in our Local Food System on Nov 15 at 6pm

Presented by Los Angeles Food Policy Council

Vertical Farming - How Controlled Environment Agriculture Can Reshape Cities on Nov 18

A Google Hangouts panel and forum discussion presented by the Association for Vertical Farming

Japanese Vertical Farming Leaders visit USA Agriculture Heartland on Nov 29

Urban Ag News and the Japan Plant Factory Association come together for Nor Cal Networking Event.

#NotWastingFood Video Contest

The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) and UN Environment are calling on the public to share how they’re ensuring #NotWasting by submitting a 60-second video online. 

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