This week on the Urban AgTech Digest: the New Yorker’s takedown of Soylent and the hazards of getting too technical with food, Michael Pollan and the New York Times on why the Obama administration hasn’t been able to start redesigning our food system, and the beginnings of a US Government and United Nations policy pivot to embrace urban agriculture as a sustainable solution for feeding the future. Also, check out two companies that are trying to make greenhouse production the new normal in very different locales, and read up on what permaculture philosophy offers for urban farming. This guest edition of the digest was put together by James Hunt, an urban agriculture practitioner based in Oakland. 

What role does culture play in determining how we grow our food? Hit "reply" and let us know! 

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Why did the Obama’s fail to take on Corporate Agriculture?

25 min read - Even as “Big Food” sought to publicly partner with the first lady in her war on obesity, it engaged in a much less visible campaign to forestall any new law or tax or regulation threatening its freedom to make and market junk food. Michael Pollan breaks down the politics holding back change in our food system.


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