Earlier this week was National Farmers Day and it made us realize, we all have varying perceptions of what a farmer looks like and where they operate. Do does your local food producer look like a farmer at AeroFarms in Newark, New Jersey or at a high yielding micro farm up in Quebec or rather a traditional big ag farmer depicted in one of George Steinmetz's captivating photographs? What does a farmer look like to you? Hit "reply" and let us know.

News & Reports

Local Movers and Shakers


USDA Food Composition Database

Released earlier this year by the USDA. Go ahead and search for your favorite food products.

International Land Deals for Agriculture Report

A global analysis of land deals used for agricultural activity.

Tunnel Berries

Optimizing Protected Culture Environments for Berry Crops Research and Extension Project, sponsored by USDA-SCRI. Providing growers with the knowledge needed to select tunnel structures and plastics that optimize productivity and pest management.

Upcoming Events & Opportunities

2016 James Beard Foundation Conference in NYC

Taking place Oct 17 and 18

Food to Market Challenge in Chicago, IL

A pitch event organized by Kinship Foundation and The Chicago Community Trust on Wednesday, October 26.

It Takes a Region Conference in Hartford, CT

Taking place in November and organized by the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

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