...about food. Tune in to a day-long interactive discussion tomorrow (eastern time) at the Capitol called South by South Lawn. Hear from influencers like Leonardo Dicaprio, James Turrell, Danielle Gould, Jonathan Gold, Caleb Harper and many others talk about the state of food and agriculture.

Here is a discussion between Kimbal Musk and Dan Barber from last week to hold you over until then!

News & Reports

Local Movers and Shakers

Rooftop wheat fields elevate Chicago's urban farming scene to exciting new heights - Inhabitat

5 min read | Omni Ecosystems is making amber waves in Chicago's urban agriculture scene by cultivating fields of grain on rooftops.

Food as Medicine: How One Hospital Is Using Organic Produce to Help Heal Patients - EcoWatch

5 min read | In 2014, Rodale Institute, in partnership with St. Luke's University Health Network, launched a true farm to hospital food program.

Students to provide school-grown salads - Ocala

10 min read and watch | “We hope to grow enough vegetables to provide all the salads at Vanguard High and enough for a few nearby (elementary) schools,” said Jeremy Rhoden, a Vanguard High science teacher. An ambitious undertaking on the schoolyards of Florida.

The Growroom - Space10

A future-living lab and exhibition space in Copenhagen.

Singapore: High-tech shopping mall to get urban - Agritecture

In line with the mall’s “experiential” focus, Funan will feature a 4,000sqf urban farm, where people can learn about the origins of their food and “adopt a plot” to grow their own produce. 

Upcoming Events & Opportunities

PrecisionAg Vision Conference - Oct 18-20 in Phoenix

A strategic conference focused on the future of farm digitization and precision agriculture. 

OpenFarm - You Can Grow Anything

Learn to farm or garden with community created guides or contribute data.

Invest in Farm from a Box on Republic - Republic

Invest in a complete off-grid toolkit for tech-powered agriculture.

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