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Local Farm Highlights

Upcoming Events & Opportunities

Agriculture: US 2016 - Village Capital

Deadline to apply for ag workshops for entrepreneurs is 9/16.

FamilyFarmed's Urban Ag Bus Tour in Chicago

By popular demand, FamilyFarmed is running a late summer harvest Urban Ag Bus Tour on Saturday, Sept 17th. If you plan to attend, please report back! Looks to be an exciting ride.

Portland AgTech Panel

Royse Events LLC presents Portland AgTech Panel on Wednesday, October 5th at Collective Agency.

Securing Water for Food: A Grand Challenge for Development

Deadline is October 10th for the 4th call for innovations that can disrupt the current water-food security nexus. This $7.5 million global call for proposals has an increased focus on cutting-edge, advanced technologies and business models. 

Grow Local OC Conference

Slated for Thursday, November 10 (Conference Day) and Friday, November 11 (Urban Food Systems Field Trip) at California State University Fullerton.

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