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Now it's time to kick back, get comfy and watch/listen to a few urban ag-related clips we've gathered for you (skip to the end to find it).

Ag Technology


Urban Ag


Closed Loop Fund - Funding/Grant Opportunity

Take a look at the Food Waste Solutions Search grant and funding opportunity. Proposals are due Aug 12.

Digital Plant Diagnosis: Turning a Mobile App into an Agricultural Game-Changer - USDA Blog

PlantVillage provides access to a computerized plant diagnostic system that boasts an algorithm capable of diagnosing 26 diseases in 14 crops with 99 percent accuracy.

The Yield Lab Launches Irish Agtech Accelerator - AgFunderNews

The Yield Lab, one of the first accelerator programs to focus on the agriculture technology market, has launched an Ireland-focused program and investment fund.

ICYMI - Event Recaps

AgTech companies and investors gather in Salinas for second annual Forbes summit - Silicon Valley Business Journal

The Mixing Bowl: More Collaboration Needed to Meet the Key Challenges Facing Food and Ag Today - AgFunderNews

Videos and Sound Bites

Vertical Farming & Circular Economy with Edward Harwood (Aerofarms) - AVF Summit 2016

16 min watch - Dr. Ed Harwood Co-founder and Chief Science Officer at Aerofarms Bio technical discussion at AVF Summit earlier this year.

Voices of Horticulture: Dr. Gioia Massa, NASA - Hort Americas

5 min listen - Dr. Gioia Massa is a plant scientist in NASA’s Veggie program which aims to grow plants in the International Space Station (ISS). Gioia is a Future Farmers of America (FFA) alumni and has grown her early love for plants to a career that is now helping us explore space and preparing humans for space travel.

Urban Farmers featured on CNN - Hortidaily

4 min watch - Earlier this year, the Urban Farmers greenhouse opened on the rooftop of a building in The Hague, in the Netherlands. The greenhouse, which was built by Van der Valk Kleijn, is now in operation, and CNN took a look inside.

Urby takes Staten Island back to its farming roots - SI Live

3 min watch - A 4,500-square-foot urban farm that sits atop Urby's parking garage in the courtyard.

Vertical Farming in Manitoba: Economics Stack Up - Agritecture

2 min watch - An indoor farm in Manitoba covered by local news.

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