Panasonic's first indoor farm can produce over 80 tons of greens each year.

In the spirit of our upcoming meetup, learn how to plant a food forest from Modern Farmer. Discuss with other growers at Ecosystm next Tuesday, 2/28. Spring is right around the corner, join us and get a head start on planning.

The Buzz

A Bee Mogul Confronts the Crisis in His Field - The New York Times

Beekeeping on an industrial scale is central to American agriculture, and “colony collapse” has proved to be a severe test.

These Hairy Little Drones Are Functional Robot Bees - Popular Mechanics

Some sticky gel and horse hair, and you've got a bee.

Crop-Protecting Fungicides May Be Hurting The Honey Bees - NPR

Bees have been dying in unprecedented numbers. A new study has found that fungi-destroying chemicals may make it harder for bees to metabolize their food. And if they can't get energy, they can't fly.

How to Build a Native Bee Hotel - Modern Farmer

These unsung workhorses deserve a place in your garden, too.

Design meets Urban Agriculture

Events & Opportunities

February Fresh - NYC Ag Collective

A collective of urban farming organizations in NYC hosting a social event and farmers market on February 23rd.

Singularity University World Food Program Global Impact Challenge

Partnering with the World Food Programme, Singularity is hosting this challenge to bring Innovations to provide sustainable access to local and nutritious food in emergencies. Deadline to submit is March 5th.

Blue Bird Hill Farm Essay Contest

Win a gift of good land. Blue Bird Hill Farm is a USDA certified organic farm 13 acre North Carolina Farm Submissions due June 1.

Bonus Content

Urban Agriculture (with Chelsea Turner & Anthony Krumeich) - Half Hour Intern Podcast

Tune in to hear from our very own UAT contributors share their views on urban ag on the Half Hour Intern podcast.

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